WiFi Engager turns your Internet into a powerful marketing tool.

It runs on autopilot collecting customer profiles, serving rewards and coupons, communicating via Email and Text, hearing the voice of the customer via surveys, socializing and displaying videos and slide shows.

Also WiFi Engager is a great tool for the staff, by connecting to a private WiFi network WiFi Engager serves: Assessments, Training Videos, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Job Opportunities and more.


Is a secure bilingual cloud app, a directory dedicated to promote local businesses and services base on the user’s mobile GEO location preserving the uniqueness and character of the community.

Each category uses a unique map icon marker making easy to recognize by the user in one glance. Category and refine filters make it simple to drill on a specific business or service listing. Listing are media rich with graphics, videos, detail information, map and even the weather. Each listing includes user’s reviews with images.

Location based marketing
BI at your finget tips

EB-Dynamics - self-service Business Intelligence at your fingertips!

EB Dynamics allows business users to access and glean insights from data by simply asking the right questions. Create a survey template ask key insights, sync several surveys and create almost any tracking system you can think of;

CRM system, order placing and tracking for b2b, capture sales leads, modify profiles, record interaction with your product or service, update patient records, and more all just by touching your mobile device.


This is our budget minded tool, for only $99 per year we will design a lead generation landing page for you to use on your website, mobile or social media. The landing page is designed to capture user data, such as a name and email address. The sole purpose of the page is to collect information that will allow you to market to and connect with the prospect at a subsequent time.

Simple but effective landing pages!

Icon Insights

Is a revolutionary mobile survey management platform that enables small to medium businesses to connect with their customers via Mobile devices to promote get insights, the voice of the customer and know their customers.
Icon Insights is easy to use, just enter the questions online and the survey campaign is ready for your customer or prospect to respond. Customer love to respond because is easy, fast and fun and in many cases they get rewarded with a coupon or gift.

Business apps

We empower our customers with functional, powerful and effective cloud  and Mobile engaging applications.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide high quality, easy to use and dependable applications, tools and personalized service, for our clients to thrive.

Business Aps

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