An award winner Omni-channel marketing platform that includes social media, email, SMS marketing supported by a loyalty program, order-ahead, surveys, videos and slide shows. All in one platform www.engagebuilder.com

Omni-Channel Marketing Platform


Order-ahead is integrated with EngageBuilder, let your loyal customers order ahead before they arrive, for delivery or pickup. Track orders and communicate with delivery drivers via SMS for pickups and deliveries.


Is a secure bilingual cloud app, a directory dedicated to promote local businesses and services base on the user’s mobile GEO location preserving the uniqueness and character of the community.

Each category uses a unique map icon marker making easy to recognize by the user in one glance. Category and refine filters make it simple to drill on a specific business or service listing. Listing are media rich with graphics, videos, detail information, map and even the weather. Each listing includes user’s reviews with images.

Location based marketing
BI at your finget tips

EB-Dynamics - self-service Business Intelligence at your fingertips!

EB Dynamics allows business users to access and glean insights from data by simply asking the right questions. Create a survey template ask key insights, sync several surveys and create almost any tracking system you can think of;

CRM system, order placing and tracking for b2b, capture sales leads, modify profiles, record interaction with your product or service, update patient records, and more all just by touching your mobile device.

MIS for printers

Promedia Software has designed the most simple & easy to use solution to automate print process from online to delivery. Our cloud based Print MIS software is designed for large Print Companies and Sign Shops. Our MIS will enable you to guide and manage the business in real-time, improving the understanding and satisfaction of your customers.

For more info or to purchase this platform, please contact Grafek Graphic solutions at 909-947-2329



Icon Insights

Is a revolutionary mobile survey management platform that enables small to medium businesses to connect with their customers via Android Mobile devices to promote loyalty, get feedback and know their customers.
Icon Insights is easy to use, just enter the questions online and the survey campaign is ready for your customer or prospect to respond. Customer love to respond because is easy, fast and fun and in many cases they get rewarded with a coupon or gift.

icheck.uno aplicación móvil de recolección de datos (Mystery Shopper)

icheck.uno es una aplicación móvil especializada desarrollada por EngageBuilder, la cual permite colectar datos usando un sistema de puntaje para medir:

  • Brands
  • Productos
  • Servicios
  • Precios

Icheck.uno is only available in Spanish


PRO MLM Management Software

ICON MLM will empower your company to view and manage every function of your business more effectively. ICON MLM ties key business operations together, including automated sign up from your web site, agents/associates management, genealogy, carriers and products, commissions, points, events calendar, communication and leader’s bulleting – for a synergistic experience that will transform your company into a more productive and profitable powerhouse.

Business apps

We empower our customers with functional, powerful and effective cloud  and Mobile engaging applications.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide high quality, easy to use and dependable applications, tools and personalized service, for our clients to thrive.

Business Aps
Other Platforms

Other platforms

We have so many platforms that we can no list all here. Please contact us for more information.

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