We are not consultants!

Chances are you are not ready for a consultant. Sure a marketing consultant can give you insights on how to grow your business but you need to lay the foundation first.

We provide tangible solutions that will work for your business, alone the way we provide marketing insights and other ideas on how to grow your business free of charge.

Our goal is to deliver the best solution at affordable prices

and customer satisfaction.


Who is Promedia

Promedia is a private Growth Hacking Marketing company owned by Luis Loarca, we are located in southern California.

Promedia is the creator of marketing platforms that have been proven to work with business of all types.  We empower our customers to exceed their goals.

Feel free to contact Luis Loarca at 562-268-6209


With over 20 years of development experience and 12 years of growth hacking marketing.

Featured on:

Los Angeles Business Journal
Finalist 2010 Latino Business Awards
Kiosk Market Place
2006 Case Study: TouchPoint Solutions helps Promedia ‘catapult’ to victory for vets.
San Gabriel Valle Tribune
Business page
“Giving New Dimensions To Information”
September 6, 1996
Pasadena Star News
Technology page
“Hight-tech interactive ads bring messages to life”
August 4, 1994

Personal Care

Luis Loarca will work with you to find the right marketing strategy to fuel your business.


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